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Our expertise lies in providing state-of-the-art cold chain distribution across Australia.

Founded in 2016, our mission is to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of pharmaceuticals to those in need.

We partner with top producers both domestically and internationally, along with leading specialist clinics, to provide easy and streamlined access to medications for doctors and pharmacists across every state in Australia.

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established 2016


All our products are of the highest pharmaceutical grade, conforming to the strict standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia.


Each product undergoes rigorous lab testing to ensure consistent, repeatable quality, providing health professionals with reliable pharmaceuticals.

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Disclaimer: BHC does not endorse the use of medication without lawful prescription. All pharmaceutical medicine can have both positive and negative side effects on the user and should only be prescribed to patients by a registered health professional with the authority and expertise to do so. The information provided by BHC is for informational purposes only and is of a general nature. 

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